About R&B Corporate Services

R&B Corporate Services Limited is a comprehensive corporate and business service provider headquartered in Hong Kong.


We are a licensed Trust and Company Service Provider (TTC006200) under the Hong Kong Company Registry.

We provide professional, high quality and diversified "one-stop" professional services, including:

  • Corporate services;

  • Financial reporting and taxation service; and

  • Other value-added services, such as Hong Kong and offshore company registration, management and renewal, accounting and financial reporting, tax filing and advisory, audit referral, trademark registration, Pre-IPO consultation, etc..


We target at Greater Bay Area start-ups or SMEs, and help companies at home and abroad to become bigger and stronger through the “Belt and Road” initiative and the national policy of Chinese companies going through Hong Kong.

R&B Corporate Services Limited has a comprehensive service network and a professional service team to provide tailor-made services and is committed to providing each customer with unique services with innovative technology and blockchain technology.

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E-mail: info@rbcs.co

Tel/ whatsapp/ wechat: +852 5341 9090

Tel/ whatsapp/ wechat: +852 5342 2424

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